A New Standard in Vinyl Flooring

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In the past, vinyl flooring had a reputation for looking cheap and poorly designed. However, these days more and more homeowners are making the switch to luxury vinyl flooring. This is due to its excellent quality and multitude of different styles.

At Frontline Flooring LLC in Woodstock, GA, we can perform a luxury vinyl floor installation in your home. You'll get to pick from several types of vinyl floors, letting you go with a consistent style or mix and match as needed.

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Luxurious designs that don't cost a fortune

Luxury vinyl flooring comes with some distinct advantages over standard vinyl flooring. Our luxury floors are:

  • Thicker and softer to the touch
  • Better at blocking out sound
  • Closer to regular wood floors in appearance

Don't settle for subpar vinyl flooring. Have us come and install new vinyl flooring in your home now.